Why am I Here? 

In this post I just want to talk about what I am planning on doing with this blog. Long story short, I cheered for 13 years and then injured my knee and have not been able to “find myself” or discover a new hobby. I sorta want to start a YouTube channel of daily vlogs but I decided to start small and do blogs for now and see how that goes. I’m not a beauty guru, I am not big into make-up, and I don’t follow fashion trends. I am just here to talk about life, random topics, and share my experience at college with you! I want to try to post at least once a week and go from there! I am also not a writer. I have never been a fan of English so don’t expect something fancy or MLA format! As I get followers or some sort of crowd I would love to hear from y’all about what to write and talk about but for now I’m just going to write, talk about my day, my classes, life in general so I hope you stick around!