I Miss High School and I’m not Afraid to say so. 

Sure it wasn’t the absolute best 4 years of my life and I lost a lot of friends along the way but somehow I still miss it. I miss the normalcy of it, the familiarity, the closeness. I guess these are not things I would say if I had gone to a bigger school but it’s true.

I am just days away from finishing my first year of college and boy has it been the longest year of my life. Being away at college has been hard and I will admit, even though I come home often, I am still not over my homesickness. I still miss my mom and my dogs and call EVERYDAY. So I believe it is because of this homesickness that I miss high school.

Now I’m not saying that I had a terrible first year but it also wasn’t all that exciting. I am not the party type so I never went and as most know I am pretty shy so that made it hard to make friends. I discovered that I had a comfort zone within my small town life and I wasn’t ready to step out of that.

My first semester I only talked to my 2 roommates and 1 other person. It wasn’t until the end of that semester that I started hanging out with 2 guys from my graduating class that also attend Texas State, and boy am I thankful for them. I didn’t join any organizations, I didn’t go out, I went to class, to the dining hall, and to my dorm and that was it. I missed high school a lot because that’s where all my friendships were. I missed being so close to people and seeing them everyday. I would look at pictures up in my dorm and want to go back to those moments. I was just alone.

My second semester I decided to join a sorority and it honestly is the best decision I’ve made! I have met some amazing girls, including my big, and am forever thankful for that. I also spent a lot of my time with those 2 guys from high school. The best part about having them at college was they were like my little connection to home. We could talk about all the memories from high school and reminisce. But even then, I still missed high school. I missed the memories, the good times, and even some of the bad times. I missed who I was, I miss the friends I had.

Today as I checked out at the grocery store I asked the cashier if she was a junior or a senior and she said she was a junior. I then asked if she was excited for senior year and she proceeded to tell me “Yes but I am ready for it to be over.” My response? I told her “You say that now, but I’m about to finish my first year of college and I miss it.” It is no surprise that my senior year was a rough one, I lost many friends, my boyfriend of over 2 years, so I wanted to be done and gone more than anyone. So even after all of that, I STILL miss it.

So think what you want. Say it’s because I’m from a small town/school. Say I’m living in the past. But I am sure there are many college freshman thinking the same thing and honestly, it’s okay. It’s okay to miss it. You are allowed to miss home, and your friends, and your parents, and high school, it’s not a bad thing. College is a huge change, especially coming from a small school, and it just takes time. But yes, I miss high school and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Cheyanne 💜