Social Media is NOT the Problem.

Yes, social media has become a big part of our lives. We are constantly posting updates about our lives whether it be exciting events, stressful moments, posts about our family, school, and even new relationships. As a young adult whose has most social media accounts I get it. I also understanding that adults have strong negative opinions about social media and how much my generation depends on it. Something I see and hear a lot is how social media is ruining relationships and honestly, I disagree and this is why.

Reason 1: I was in a relationship for a little over 2 years, while in high school, during the time when social media was getting big. My relationship did NOT end due to social media. Throughout my relationship I used social media to post about my relationship, mainly about all the good times, and my boyfriend at the time did the same just not as much. I NEVER posted about our fights or disagreements. Towards the end of my relationship I did find myself comparing my relationship to others but that was because my relationship was already beginning to fail I just didn’t realize it yet. So I say again, social media did NOT ruin my relationship, at least on my end it didn’t, I cannot speak for my ex.

Reason 2: Its not social media, its the person. As I stated above, towards the end of my relationship I did catch myself comparing my relationship to those I saw on social media, but again my relationship did NOT end because of social media, but if that were the cause of my relationship ending then that is my fault. A relationship is about loving that person for who they are, you are with that person for a reason, they mean the world to you, so if you begin to doubt your relationship or compare it that is on YOU. You are the one damaging your relationship by wanting it to be something it is not.

 Reason 3: You only see one side of a relationship on social media. As I stated in reason 1 as well, I posted about my relationship a lot on social media but I never posted about our arguments. So as you are comparing your relationship to that of others remember, they aren’t perfect. They have their arguments, their disagreements, their moments where they aren’t each others MCM or WCW. So if you believe that they DON’T argue or have disagreements because of what they post on social media, again it is YOU ruining your relationship.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that social media can make it easier for partners to cheat, lie, and go behind their partners back but this again is the PERSON, NOT social media. If a person goes behind their partners back to cheat using social media then they are not trustworthy, and that is a major key in a relationship, and that is their problem. Social media did not make that person untrustworthy, it may have been one factor in it but it is not the main cause. But remember, people cheated before there was social media.  Social media only affects relationships if you let it.


Note: This is just my opinion please no hate.