Let’s Talk About College

It’s finally summer!! Am I allowed to cry tears of joy? It has been the longest year of my life and I have never wanted a school year to end more. With that being said, I figured I could write about my thoughts on the longest year of my life.

I feel like as I type this I am going to make it sound like college was so horrible and I never want to go back. This is not true. But, I am not going to lie and say it was the best year of my life. My freshman year of college consisted of me staying in my dorm, going to only class and the dining hall, and crying, lots and lots of crying. It was honestly a pretty boring year, until I met up with old classmates and joined Phi Lamb, then it got super busy!

Being alone.

College was a huge change for me. I spent my entire life in small towns and knew nothing more. It was because of this that I was having a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone. I was so used to my small friend group, my small town, my safe zone, that I didn’t know HOW to step out of my comfort zone. The main way that students at Texas State step out of their comfort zones is by going to parties but this just was not my thing so what else was there to do? I didn’t want to rush into joining any organizations during my first semester and I was super shy that I didn’t talk to people in my classes so I just stuck to the dining halls and my dorm.


Not stepping out of my comfort zone didn’t help my homesickness. The days leading up to move in I was fine. Move in day/night I was fine. The first few weeks I was fine. But as the days dragged on the more I began to miss home. So obviously when you miss home what better thing to do than to just… go home for the weekend. So I did. But this only made it worse because I hated leaving and it just made me more homesick which made me continue to go home on the weekends and it was just an endless cycle. I cried myself to sleep some nights and was just so ready for the semester to end. (This did get better second semester).

Unexpected Friendships. 

I lucked out and was able to become amazing friends with two boys that I happened to graduate with. We weren’t exactly friends in high school, we had different friend groups. But once we got to college we began to meet up and have dinner every so often, which turned into having dinner together almost every night. These two boys were my connection to home and although I was still a little homesick when we started to get close, they really helped me get through the longest year ever.

The campus. 

The dining halls were not terrible, definitely better than high school food. I managed to NOT gain the freshman 15 but how could you with all the stairs. THE STAIRS! They are literally everywhere and if there isn’t a set of stairs there is a hill. Honestly, college made me super lazy because it got to the point I would take the bus to avoid stairs and hills. The campus was also just breath taking, especially at night. It was honestly so beautiful I couldn’t handle it.


My class sizes ranged from 20 people to about 150-200 people. This was actually a good step coming from a small town. I didn’t feel super overwhelmed and was still able to make a connection with the professor. I actually spoke to one of my professors from the fall semester before I left for summer. The course load was very different from high school. I had some form of homework every week. My first semester I was able to get by with the study habits I had from high school but second semester was a whole different story. The biggest issue with going to a very small school is it wasn’t hard. The course load was nothing, even for Pre-AP and AP classes. With this being said, I had NO IDEA how to study which became a huge problem second semester.

The Dorm and Roommates. 

I lucked out and got two amazing roommates. We never fought. Generally kept to ourselves but not so much that we felt like strangers but enough to not get sick of each other. None of us partied so there were no drunken late nights. I actually enjoyed my dorm a lot. It wasn’t disgusting, I didn’t have community bathrooms so that was a plus, and it was just a nice space in general.

Sorority Life. 

My version of sorority life is a little different than others for the simple reason that Phi Lamb is a Non-panhellenic Christian sorority, and there is nothing wrong with that. This is when I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone. The process to get in was so simple, I went to a meeting, had an interview, got inducted, went to a retreat, got a big who is honestly the greatest and I don’t know what I would do without her, and bam I was in. There were then multiple social and service events throughout the semester that helped me earn points that would make me an active member at the end of the semester.  My new member class was seriously so amazing and I made so many amazing friends this semester that I just want to cry tears of joy because I am just so happy I decided to join.

Final Thoughts. 

Even though my first year wasn’t super exciting and memorable, that doesn’t mean the next however many years it takes me to graduate won’t be. All in all, once you are able to find your place in this crazy world, college isn’t half bad, if you don’t think about the classes and homework and long nights of studying. I mean, I am going back for round two in the fall so that must mean something.